Appointment Inquiries:

Books Closed


Thank you for your interest in booking an appointment - I look forward to working with you! Please take a few moments to read through these details before filling out the booking form located at the bottom of the page:


- I will be taking appointments in November: Wednesday - Sunday.

- Flash Pieces and Patternwork will be prioritized for November. Flash pieces are listed with dimensions and will be tattooed as is.

- I require a non-refundable deposit to book your appointment.

- 72 hours is required if you must reschedule your appointment. This advanced notice will retain your deposit and move your appointment to a new date. 

-Starting in September 2018 I will be charging by the piece with a $300 minimum (*for larger, multiple session work I will continue to charge hourly).  

- When do I get to see the artwork for my tattoo? The tattoo stencil artwork will be ready for you the day of your appointment. I do not email stencils in advance.  For larger pieces I may request that you come by the studio to have a look at the artwork. 

- Can I make changes to my tattoo artwork? Yes, There is time built into your appointment to make minor changes to the artwork. However if you want to make significant changes, your appointment my be rescheduled so I have more time for re-drawing. I may charge an additional 're-draw' deposit if your edits do not line up with the details you’ve described in your original request. It is important to include all details in our email correspondences or request an in shop consultation if you prefer.

- For Sleeves and Larger Pieces: If you are looking to create a Sleeve, 1/2 Sleeve or large scale piece - these requests should be considered as one full project to be composed and drawn up all at once.

I sent an email but didn’t get a response? : Unfortunately, given the amount of requests that come in I cannot accommodate everyone! I open my books every month to schedule appointments for the following month - I encourage new clients resend your email for the next round if you don’t hear back. Please allow for up to 10 days for a response.

- Starting January 2019 I will be CASH ONLY. Deposits can be sent via Venmo. I can provide a rough estimate of cost before the appointment and there is an ATM located across the street from the shop.